Sherlock Holmes

There comes every girl’s crush Sherlock Holmes. We are not talking about Sherlock Holmes movie but the world-wide popular British TV crime drama SherlocK Holmes. You got it! It is a story of Sherlock Holmes and his “crush”John Watson.

For our great Sherlock, we prepare you with two versions of classic Sherlock Holmes long cape coat: wool version and linen version. What a great choice for Christmas gift!

Where there is Sherlock, there is Dr. John Watson. Like Sherlock Holmes Long Cape Coat, This John Black Jacket Costume is custom-made with the exquisite workmanship. Detailed product descriptions are all available below display pictures.

If it is summer in which coat or jacket won’t fit, shirts and jacket hoodies with Sherlock Holmes logos are your alternatives. The fabric of shirts and hoodies are made of 100% of cotton, which makes it more comfortable for you in this summer.

So do you want to be Sherlock Holmes today?