The Princess Of Snow And Blood

The Princess of Snow and Blood  is an original Japanese anime television series animated by Bakken Record and produced by Bushiroad.Joran is set in an alternate historical Japan, the 64th year of the Meiji era (1931 A.D.), where Tokugawa Yoshinobu continued to reign over Japan instead of handing over power to a Prime Minister. The nation of Japan discovered the "Dragon Vein," a unique energy source, within its own borders that allowed Japan to dramatically increase its technological progress through the Edo period. Despite this unexpected prosperity, the government is threatened by an insurgent group known as "Kuchinawa," which hates the isolationist policies of Tokugawa and aims to overthrow the Shogunate. In response, the Tokugawa government has created "Nue," a secret police organization dedicated to rooting out Kuchinawa.