Hazbin Hotel

"Hazbin Hotel" is an American adult animated musical black comedy web series created, written, directed, and produced by Vivienne Medrano. The story revolves around Princess of Hell, Charlie, running an inn in Hell with the hope of reforming sinners to prevent them from being wiped out in the annual angelic "cleansing" process that leads to demon extinction.

Facing the issue of overpopulation, Hell is cleansed by angels every year, causing many demons to go extinct. Charlie, along with her girlfriend Vaggie, plans to open an inn to help demons reform and ascend to Heaven peacefully. However, the inn's only guest, adult film star Angel Dust, and his turf war with Sir Pentious, is negatively publicized through live television. After their argument and return to the inn, the demon lord Alastor, known as the "Radio Demon," pays a visit. He claims to want to assist Charlie and the inn, stating his interest in watching the entertaining process of demons' failed redemption attempts. Charlie agrees to accept his help with the condition that he doesn't undermine her goals. Subsequently, Alastor defeats the vengeful Sir Pentious, invites everyone to a dinner, and changes the hotel's name from "Happy Hotel" to "Hazbin Hotel."

Charlie's plan is ridiculed by the public as a daydream. However, with the arrival of the powerful radio demon Alastor offering his "help," can this dream become a reality?

"Hazbin Hotel" is set to premiere on January 19th. Cosplay enthusiasts should not miss our website, as we have costumes for popular characters from Hazbin Hotel. Don't hesitate, get them now, and experience the feeling of becoming a powerful demon!

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